Top Novels of the 20th Century: the Internet’s Foxiest Guide Yet

If you want to skip all the rambly introduction stuff and just get to the list, scroll right on down to section 3. 1. Your brain on fiction Believe it or not, reading fiction is a super beneficial activity, and doesn’t get anywhere near the credit it deserves. It may come as no surprise that readers of fiction have superior vocabularies, but […]

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The Lost Art of Hitch-hiking

Earlier this year I had the good fortune of scoring an offensively cheap flight anywhere in the world, at a time when my lab was closing for a month. I made the obvious choice for any financially challenged individual who’d read On the Road with a little too much enthusiasm. I jetted off to California to hitch-hike around […]

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Sin and Vice

I do not write fiction on this blog. I write autobiographical happenings. Here is another one. *             *             * I do not know any of the people around me; this is a cloak-and-dagger society. Entry at the door is dependent upon your ability to produce your six-digit number. We carry our number around on a […]

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Oh I Would Ride 500 Miles

  Imagine you’re flying through the air, about to collide with the road at approximately 32km/hr. What do you feel in that moment? A flash of terror? Reflex preparedness? Fatalism? The correct answer: not a whole lot of anything. You don’t have time to think about it. You won’t remember the impact. Your brain skips […]

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