We first collided
When we were but young
Tectonic plates
Surfing earth’s shores
On silvery swells of magma

Emotions surge forth from the deep
How we circled and clashed
Eruptions of joy from
Such shy and unformed beings,
Fascination to find
Such fertile lands in you
As you were in me

Carving deep ruts
In each other’s bedrocks
But pushing up mountains and spires as well
Oh how I flowed through your canyons
Your textures and slopes
Mixing our molten potentials
In geysers of fiery Being

And what rare privilege
To find oneself entangled
By whatever secret magnetic field
With such a luminous landmass as you
To glance off your coast –
Rich with diamonds and iron –
Yet reel in pirouettes of sparks
And gradually grind to a halt
Safe in a harbour of our own making
Together clasping the sea

And now
Aeons have passed
Time has worn away our jagged edges, and
Rolling green hills and lakes
Now blanket our embracing beings
We respire through forests of trees
I sometimes forget
Which parts are you and which parts are me
And I am glad

Of course, now and then, a boulder slips free
Crashing down some slope of emotional scree
But shortly the dust dissipates
Our old volcanoes are mostly asleep

And yes lucky me, lucky mud
But down in my innermost heartrock
A pool of that same ancient magma
Still aches for the days when I knew how
To make you vent hot steam at my touch
And send seismic shocks to your core

And overhead the gentle winds whisper
And the slow tide laps at our shores